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Welcome to Ark of the Covenant Ministries
The Ministry Where GOD'S Love Is Demonstrated!

     It is our desire that on our website you will find much of what you will need to to prosper in all facets of your walk with Christ in this earth. From fellowshipping with us in our worship services to joining with us in becoming financially independent through giving to GOD and witnessing to the world, we pray that you will become complete in GOD Who loves you so dearly. So we encourage you to take full advantage of everything that is offered to you, for as you receive, you are receiving from the love of GOD.

     Also, if you would like to give your life to God through Jesus Christ, please click on the link The Beginner's Prayer and follow the prayer with me.

     Join with us in our Worship Services and Bible Studies on Ark Television on You Tube.

     If you would like to become a Member of Ark of the Covenant Ministries click on the Join Now link below and fill out the application form to get started.


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