Ark of the Covenant Ministries
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     Ark of the Covenant Ministries is a Christian ministry that GOD gave Pastor James E. Smith in Augusta, GA as HE gave the vision that this ministry would carry and demonstrate the love of GOD and the power of The Holy Spirit to the world.     
     Part of demonstrating GOD'S love to the masses is HIS desire to help people live their dreams in this life prior to being with HIM in the next. An integral part of that desire of GOD is HIS ability to give HIS children abundant finances to aid them in obtaining their dreams in life.  Within Ark of the Covenant Ministries we have a financial component that is designed to free the world, especially Christians from the financial lack that exist. We encourage you to click on the "Is This Legal" tab on the left to learn more about this exciting ministry.
    We have also published our first book GOD'S Love The Key To Successful Relationships. It is the vision of this ministry to produce many more ministries, all for the sole purpose of demonstrating the love of GOD to the world through the preaching of the gospel internationally.